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The United States Post Office began offering regular airmail service in 1918. After a few months in which the army flew mail between New York City and Washington D. C. , the Post Office acquired six planes and added service between New York, Cleveland and Chicago by 1919 and to California by 1920. Shorter routes connect to the main stops on the transcontinental line. A load of mail fromSan Francisco would arrive in New York in somewhat over 33 hours. Pilots began flying at night, shortening the time to 29 hours. In 1925, Congress passed The Air Mail Act directing the Post Office to instead contract with private companies. By 1927 all 34 air mail routes were flown by commercial carriers. This envelope was part of the mail carried under the first night contract flight between New York and Chicago.


1927 Transcontinental Air Mail


1927 Transcontinental Air Mail

Reverse side of envelope


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