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In 1948, OSU Dean of Home Economics, Ava Milam, traveled from Corvallis to Japan and Korea to help established home economics programs there. In her book, Adventures of a Home Economist, she tells of her flight from Seattle on Northwest Airlines. After stopping first in Anchorage and then in the Aleutian Islands for refueling and a crew changeover, they flew for an additional 13 hours to reach Tokyo. Milam writes:

“Despite some minor discomfort in the more than 5,000 miles I had flown since leaving Corvallis, I felt ready to commend flying as a mode of transportation. Pleased that I did not have to spend three weeks on a crowded steamer, I still had difficulty comprehending the speed of air travel. It had taken less than a day and a half to fly from Seattle to Tokyo!” (p. 244).

Today one can fly direct from Seattle to Tokyo in under 11 hours.


Northwest Airlines Bag


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